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Ellery_Queen_NYWTSDaniel Nathan, professionally known as Frederic Dannay (1905 – 1982), and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky, professionally known as Manfred Bennington Lee (1905 – 1971), were American cousins from Brooklyn, New York who wrote, edited, and anthologized detective fiction under the pseudonym of Ellery Queen. The writers’ main fictional character, whom they also named Ellery Queen, is a mystery writer and amateur detective who helps his father, Richard Queen, a New York City police inspector, solve baffling murders.

In a successful series of novels and short stories that covered 42 years, “Ellery Queen” served as a joint pseudonym for the cousins Dannay and Lee, as well as the name of the primary detective-hero they created. During the 1930s and much of the 1940s, that detective-hero was possibly the best known American fictional detective. Movies, radio shows, and television shows were based on Dannay and Lee’s works.

Frederic Dannay, without much involvement from Lee, was founding and directing editor of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, generally considered one of the most influential English-language crime fiction magazines of the last sixty-five years. They were also prominent historians in the field, editing numerous collections and anthologies of short stories such as ‘The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes’. Their 994-page anthology for The Modern Library, 101 Years’ Entertainment: The Great Detective Stories, 1841–1941, was a landmark work that remained in print for many years. Under their collective pseudonym, the cousins were given the Grand Master Award for achievements in the field of the mystery story by the Mystery Writers of America in 1961.

The fictional Ellery Queen was the hero of more than 30 novels and several short story collections, written by Dannay and Lee and published under the Ellery Queen pseudonym. Dannay and Lee also wrote four novels about a detective named Drury Lane using the pseudonym Barnaby Ross. They allowed the Ellery Queen name to be used as a house name for a number of novels written by other authors from outlines provided by Dannay, most of them published in the 1960s as paperback originals and not featuring Ellery Queen as a character.

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Ellery Queen Novels & Full Introduction

Ellery Queen Short Story Collections

adventures elleryThe Adventures of Ellery Queen (1934)
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback and ebook editions.

Book  eBook  Amazon.ca

Includes: 11 classic Ellery Queen stories

The African Traveler (original story)
The Hanging Acrobat (Mystery, 5/34 as “The Girl on the Trapeze”)
The One Penny Black (Great Detective Stories, 4/33)
The Bearded Lady (Mystery, 8/34 as “The Sinister Beard”)
The Three Lame Men (Mystery, 4/34)
The Invisible Lover (Mystery, 9/34 as “Four Men Loved a Woman”)
The Teakwood Case (Mystery, 5/33 as “The Affair of the Gallant Bachelor”)
The Two-Headed Dog (Mystery, 6/34)
The Glass-Domed Clock (Mystery League,10/33)
The Seven Black Cats (Mystery, 10/34 as “The Black Cats Vanished”)
The Mad Tea-Party (Redbook, 10/34)

new adventures EQThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen (1940)
(Contains “The Lamp of God” – see “Novels” above)
Detective: Ellery Queen

Best Review

Available in paperback, ebook, and audible editions.

Book  eBook  Audible  Amazon.ca

Includes: 9 more classic Ellery Queen stories

The Lamp of God (Detective Story, October 1935 as House of Haunts)
The Treasure Hunt (Detective Story, 1935)
The Hollow Dragon (Redbook, December 1936)
The House of Darkness (The American Magazine, February 1935)
The Bleeding Portrait (original: “The Gramatan Mystery” American Cavalcade 1937)
Man Bites Dog (Blue Book, June, 1939 reprinted in The PocketBook of Great Detectives, 1941)
Long Shot (Blue Book, September 1939 reprinted in EQMM, 3/59)
Mind Over Matter (Blue Book, October 1939)
The Trojan Horse (Blue Book, December 1939)

Queen CasebookThe Case Book of Ellery Queen (1945)
Detective: Ellery Queen

Best Review

Available only in paperback editions.


Includes: 3 radio scripts and 5 reprints

The House of Darkness (from New Adv.of EQ)
The Teakwood Case (from The Adv. of EQ)
The Hollow Dragon (from New Adv. of EQ)
Long Shot (from New Adv. of EQ)
Mind Over Matter (from New Adv. of EQ)
The Double Triangle (Radio Script)
The Invisible Clock (Radio Script)
Honeymoon House (Radio Script)

calendar crimeCalendar Of Crime (1952)
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback, ebook, and audible editions.

Book  eBook  Audible  Amazon.ca


The inner circle
The President’s half disme
The ides of Michael Magoon
The Emperor’s dice
The Gettysburg bugle
The medical finger
The fallen angel
The needle’s eye
The three R’s
The dead cat
The telltale bottle
The dauphin’s doll

QBI EQQBI: Queen’s Bureau of Investigation (1955)
Detectives: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback, ebook, and audible editions.

Book  eBook  Audible  Amazon.ca


Blackmail Dept. – Money Talks
Fix Dept. – A Matter of Seconds
Impossible Crime Dept. – The Three Widows 
Rare Book Dept. – “My Queer Dean!” 
Murder Dept. – Driver’s Seat 
Park Patrol Dept. – A Lump of Sugar
Open File Dept. – Cold Money 
Embezzlement Dept. – The Myna Birds 
Suicide Dept. – A Question of Honor 
Holdup Dept. – The Robber of Wrightsville
Swindle Dept. – Double Your Money 
Buried Treasure Dept. –  Miser’s Gold 
Magic Dept. – Snowball in July 
False Claimant Dept. – The Witch of Times Square 
Racket Dept. – The Gamblers’ Club 
Dying Message Dept. – GI Story
Narcotics Dept. – The Black Ledger 
Kidnapping Dept. – Child Missing! 

queens fullQueens Full (1966)
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback, ebook, and audible editions.

Book  eBook  Audible  Amazon.ca

Includes: Three novellas & two short stories 

The Death of Don Juan
The Wrightsville Heirs (Argosy, 5/62 reprinted in EQMM, 8/64) 
The Case Against Carroll (Better Living, 1/56 reprinted in EQMM, 11/57) 
E = Murder (Argosy, 8/58 reprinted in Suspense 04/59 and in EQMM, 9/60) 
Diamonds in Paradise (This Week, 8/14/60 reprinted in EQMM, 5/61) (EQMM, 9/54)

QED EQQED: Queen’s Experiments In Detection (1968)
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback and ebook editions.

Book  eBook  Amazon.ca

Includes: 15 more great Queen stories!

Mum is the Word (EQMM, 4/66)

Object Lesson (This Week, 09/10/55, as “The Blackboard Gangsters” and reprinted: EQMM, 4/58)
No Parking (This Week, 3/18/56, as “Terror in a Penthouse” and reprinted: EQMM, 2/58)
No Place to Live (This Week, 6/10/56, as “The Man They All Hated” and reprinted: EQMM, 3/58)
Miracles Do Happen (EQMM, 7/57)

Gambling Dept. – The Lonely Bride
Spy Dept. – Mystery at the Library of Congress
Kidnapping Dept. – The Broken T
Murder Dept. – Half a Clue
Anonymous Letters Dept. – Eve of the Wedding
Probate Dept. – Last Man to Die
Crime Syndicate Dept. – Payoff

The Little Spy 
The President Regrets

Abraham Lincoln’s Clue

Best EQThe Best Of Ellery Queen (1985) 
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available only in paperback editions.

Book  Amazon.ca

Note: Several stories only in this collection, including Wedding Anniversary

Introduction: Francis Nevins 
The Glass-Domed Clock (1933)
The Bearded Lady (1934) 
The Mad Tea-Party (1934)
Man Bites Dog (1939) 
Mind Over Matter (1939)
The Inner Circle (1947)
The Dauphin’s Doll (1948).
The Three Widows (1950)
Snowball in July (1952)
My Queer Dean! (1953) 
GI Story (1954) 
Miracles Do Happen (1957)
Last Man to Die (1963) 
Abraham Lincoln’s Clue (1965) 
Wedding Anniversary (1967)

tragedy errorsThe Tragedy Of Errors (Crippen & Landru 1999)
Detective: Ellery Queen


Best Review

Available in paperback and audible editions.

Book  Audible  Amazon.ca

Note: All the uncollected stories!

A previously unpublished synopsis’The Tragedy of Errors’ written by Dannay, which was to be a Queen novel, plus all the previously uncollected short stories.

The Tragedy of Errors

Terror Town (from Argosy, 8/56; also called “The Motive” in EQMM)
Uncle from Australia (from Diner’s Club, 6/65 and EQMM 11/67)
Wedding Anniversary (from EQMM, 9/67 and 10/99)
The Three Students (from Playboy, March 1971)
The Odd Man (from Playboy, June 1971)
The Honest Swindler (from The Saturday Evening Post, Summer/71)

murdered mothsThe Adventure of the Murdered Moths and Other Radio Mysteries (2005)
Detective: Ellery Queen

Best Review

Available only in paperback editions.

Book  Amazon.ca

Note: 14 great radio plays!

The Adventure of The Last Man Club
The Adventure of Napoleon’s Razor
The Adventure of The Bad Boy
The Adventure of The March of Death
The Adventure of The Haunted Cave
The Adventure of The Lost Child
The Adventure of The Black Secret
The Adventure of The Dying Scarecrow
The Adventure of The Woman in Black
The Adventure of The Forgotten Men
The Adventure of The Man Who Could Double The Size of Diamonds
The Adventure of The Dark Cloud
The Adventure of Mr. Short and Mr. Long
The Adventure of The Murdered Moths

Ellery Queen DVD Collections

EQ DVDEllery Queen Mystery Series (TV)
Starring: Jim Hutton, David Wayne
Series: TV series 1975-976

Available in DVD


Note: Match wits with Ellery Queen!

Match wits with Ellery Queen (Jim Hutton) in all 22 digitally restored, uncut and unedited episodes of this classic NBC series following the exploits of the famed writer as he assists his father, Inspector Richard Queen (David Wayne), in solving the mysteries that baffle the New York City police force. Guest Stars include: Don Ameche, Dana Andrews, Tom Bosley, George Burns, Joan Collins, Troy Donahue, Anne Francis, Eva Gabor, Larry Hagman, June Lockhart, Robert Loggia, Roddy McDowall, Ed McMahon, Sal Mineo, Donald O’Connor, Dean Stockwell, Dick Van Patten, Vincent Price, Cesar Romero, Betty White, and many more!

The case of the missing TV series has finally been cracked, but why Ellery Queen lasted only one season (1975-76) and fell into obscurity is a real mystery. Based on the evidence in this six-disc set, this loving homage to the classic murder mystery created by Richard Levinson and William Link was, like their Columbo and Murder, She Wrote, nonviolent and intelligent television of the first order. Set in the 1940s, Ellery Queen stars boyishly charming Jim Hutton, one of the screen’s most likable leading men, as the famed mystery writer and sleuth who helps his father, Inspector Richard Queen (David Wayne), solve the most baffling of cases. The pleasures this series affords are anything but guilty. Each intriguing episode begins with the preview of a murder, a roundup of the suspects (Was it the jealous wife? The dictatorial director?), and an irresistible challenge to viewers to “match wits with Ellery Queen and see if you can guess whodunit.” Before revealing the killer, Ellery breaks the fourth wall to ask if we amateur sleuths at home have the mystery figured out, offering last-minute clues such as, “Once you figure out how, you’ll know who.” As with Burke’s Law, each episode of Ellery Queen is packed with enough Hollywood legends, venerable character actors, and TV faves to fill The Love Boat. “The Adventure of Veronica’s Veils” features George Burns as the victim (“I didn’t die of natural causes,” he announces via a filmed presentation following his demise), William Demarest, Don Porter, comedian Jack Carter, Hayden Rorke (Dr. Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie), and John Hillerman in his recurring role as radio detective Simon Brimmer, forever trying to one-up Queen. Queen himself makes it a point “to be observant and pay attention to details,” particularly for that “dying clue which makes absolutely no sense.” You’d be advised to do the same. The intricately plotted stories turn on the most arcane of clues and circumstances, as in the pilot episode “Too Many Suspects,” in which solving a fashion designer’s murder hinges on the reenactment of a TV news broadcast (maybe that explains the one-season run). An interview with Link, not very lively, but interesting, is included as a bonus feature. –Donald Liebenson

Ellery Queen Movies Not Based on Novels

Ellery Queen’s Penthouse Mystery (1941)
Starring: Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin


A Close Call for Ellery Queen (1942)
Starring: William Gargan, Margaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin


A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen (1942)
Starring: William Gargan, Margaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin


Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)
Starring: Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay, Charley Grapewin


Ellery Queen Novels

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